Villagers of South Unguja Pete acquiring knowledge about the fight against AIDS through Jihadhari magazine released by Zanzibar AIDS Commission
Children at ZAPHA+
ZAC Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator Mr. Ali Kimwaga in one of the M&E meeting
Theatre for Social Development (THESODE) on the stage
Group Picture during World AIDS day climax 2015
Participants attended National Youth Forum in Zanzibar

Prof. Saleh Idris Muhammed
ZAC Chairman

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Zanzibar AIDS Commission (ZAC) was established in June, 2002 by the act of the House of Representatives, act No. 3 of 2002. The main objective of the commission is to provide leadership and coordination to the Zanzibar National HIV Response. The Commission was established to fulfill the global standard on HIV response - the ones approach: One national authority coordinating the HIV response, one national strategic plan and one national monitoring and evaluation framework.

The Commission is a semi autonomous body and the Second Vice President's Office. The Commission is led by the Board  of Commissioners drawn from key public sectors and civil society organizations. Day to day operations of the commission are managed by the Secretariat which is led by the Executive Director.

Zanzibar's response to the epidemic, has been marked with high political commitment at various levels, openness about HIV/AIDS that enhanced behaviour change communication interventions, unprecedented support from international development partners; and action from sectors of government and civil society.

Main Functions

The major roles of the commission are:

  • Advocate for HIV and AIDS issues in order to create a good enabling environment for an effective HIV response. Also promote human right based approaches and multi-sectoral involvement and participation.
  • Capacity building of key implementers on how to design, execute and assess HIV interventions. Of recent, orient stakeholders on a new strategic shift that emphasize on targeting most at risk populations.
  • Development of national guidelines on HIV and AIDS. This includes periodic strategic plan for HIV
  • Coordination of the national response.
  • Resource mobilization and Monitoring and evaluation


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